Can I give, share or exchange my passwords with other players?

No, you cannot give, share or exchange your password because it is unique and linked to your account.

Can I recover my password after turning off the console?

When you get a new password, it will automatically saved into memory if auto-save is enabled. In this case, you can turn on your console and get the password in the "memory" menu.

Can I use a different username from the site to register a new highscore?

No, each password is unique and linked to a username on the site. For security reasons, if you use a username other than your account, you will not be able to register your new highscore.

Can I use a password more than once?

No, a password can only be used once.

How to get very highscores?

Play regularly with our games ;)

I lost my password, what should I do?

If you have lost your password, you can recover your account by clicking on "I lost my password" at the bottom of the "sign in" page. An email will be sent to you to confirm your request before receiving a new password.

What does "REGION" mean?

Region in the highscore tables indicates the region of the console. There are four regions: NTSC-U (North America), NTSC-J (Japan), PAL-A (Asia) and PAL-E (Europe). We indicate the region of the console, as there may be some differences in the game. Generally, PAL games are much easier, because the speed is greatly reduced.

What games are compatible with MEGA HIGHSCORE?

For the moment, only games of White Ninja Studio.

Where go to get my password?

After you have entered a new highscore with your username in the entry name screen, a password is generated and then saved into the memory if you have enabled auto-save. To recover your password, go to the options then to the "memory" menu. Your password will be displayed at the bottom of the screen under "HI. PASSWORD".

Why my password not work?

Your password can be refused for several reasons. Check whether you have correctly entered the code in the field, if you have not already used it later and if the name entered in the console is identical to your user name.